Who We Are

3CIS was founded in Prishtina, Kosovo in 2008. Currently, 3CIS has over 200 employees with operations running in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. 3CIS is a leading provider of specialized telecom services across the globe. We provide various services to major telecom carriers via our network of partners and also directly.

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Our Mission

At 3CIS our mission is to propel global carriers forward by providing innovative network support. We are committed to making sure all of our partners and clients’ needs are met in order to achieve meaningful business outcomes. We provide on-site and remote services that optimize productivity and guarantee a cost-effective delivery program. Our teams consist of problem solvers and innovators whose quality engineering is a result of staying ahead of industry trends.

Purpose and Promise

Our purpose is to determine the need of every customer and deliver progressive high-quality services that produce the best solutions available. We take pride in excellent service, reliability and expertise.


“3CIS operates with quality, reliability and expertise at its core.”

-3CIS Team

What makes 3CIS different?

At 3CIS we adhere to the highest level of industry standards when providing our services. Our
business approach is based on four distinct pillars that lead us when working with clients and partners.


3CIS guarantees the highest level of SLA, five-nines availability. Our engineers monitor and provide high quality services globally 24/7/365 through our operations center in Kosovo. Our emphasis on ensuring high availability and minimizing downtime sets 3CIS apart from other businesses.


We offer flexible solutions and adapt to various operating models. Our services, pricing and solutions are tailored to meet the ever growing needs of all our associates.


We have a collaborative culture. We work in partnership with our clients to achieve first-rate outcomes for all of our services.


Our company was founded and led by innovators. We sustain our industry leadership by continuously supporting our staff to stay up to date with the latest industry certifications


In today’s day and age, the only constant is change. Change in the environment businesses operate in, change in customer expectations and change in what is now considered the “standard”. These changes are transforming how businesses are ran—shifting from the traditional to digital. At 3CIS we continue to contribute to our ever changing industry by consistently advancing our expertise and maintaining the progressive growth of our organization.

Below you will find our guiding
principles regarding company growth:

Our Values

Our Clients

We work hard to propel clients forward in planning, designing, innovating, building and managing their network-related activities. We believe in growing together with our clients, and our relations are always founded on sincere concern for the well being of our clients. Our professional business approach is certain to inspire trust with global carriers, and thus guarantee healthy future business relations with each new client acquisition.

Our partners

In joint effort with our partners, we add value to solutions we provide to our clients. We treat our partners with unwavering respect and professionalism; and we always stay committed to our partnership agreements.

Lifetime Access

We treat all our employees with the utmost respect, and we have established a healthy working environment where open communication, true understanding, teamwork and mutual respect flourish without impediments. We attract the brightest minds in the country as we offer unmatched career opportunities, rewards and benefits; thus ensuring a higher quality and quantity of production output. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we never discriminate based on race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or political beliefs.

Our community

We are responsible corporate citizens. By conducting our business activities, we aim to also contribute to our community, its economy, and the environment. We strive to be an inspiring leader, and through example, foster innovation in the region and beyond.