Plan. Track.
Release. Report.

Our project managers are actively engaged in managing a complete project lifecycle in close coordination with client requirements. Our PM teams manage project quality, budget, scope, resources, schedule, communication, procurement and risk – from project initialization and planning, to project execution and closure / hand-off, covering all monitoring and control processes.

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This is achieved through collaborative efforts of the Project Management Office, Engineering, Human Resources and the Resource Building Program.

Diverse technical expertise

First-hand knowledge and relevant certifications

First-hand knowledge and relevant certifications

Rare leadership qualities

Critical thinking skills


The 3CIS PMO has been established to oversee, supervise and coordinate all 3CIS project management resources; and, during its operation the PMO actively supports PMs engaged in customer projects. 3CIS leverages the collective body of knowledge of the 3CIS PMO to support particular PMs with their respective unique project requirements and situations.

In addition, the PMO has structured a set of best practices to help set a common ground for Project Managers of all levels. The tools 3CIS PMO varies according to project needs, but mostly include the following: Internal Trackers, Data Mining Tools, WBS and other similar tools; and, various Internal and External Business Environmental Scanning Analyses Models, and other tools mandated by customer requirements.

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