Leadership and Board

Thomas Clifford

Executive SVP of Sales Global


Thomas Clifford has worked as the Executive VP of Sales at 3CIS for nearly 10 years. He brings over 25 years of experience in the telecom industry. Currently, Thomas manages all phases of the sales and development cycles at 3CIS, leads account development and maintains customer relationships. 

Prior to moving to Europe in 2003, Thomas spent 15 years in an exec position at ATT Mobility. During this role he developed a 4-year plan encompassing core Network/ IT architecture, was responsible for initiating, planning and operating the National 3G network for ATT Mobility in the United States. He directed the development of a detailed 4-year plan encompassing core Network/IT architecture, new services, defined an operational model for the GSM/GPRS-3G/ IT networks focusing on the Core Architecture, program management Office, building design and plant engineering. Developed strategic building plans, including life cycle management, development of infrastructure standards, environmental and safety compliance, engineering design, construction process management, documentation control and coordination.