Leadership and Board

Kujtim Tali

Chairman of the Board

Kujtim Tali is one of the founders of 3CIS and has overseen the growth of the company since its start in 2008. Under his leadership Kujtim has played a lead role in establishing one of the most successful telecom service companies in SE Europe.


As one of the earliest Telecom experts to earn CCIE certification, Kujtim has been a driver of innovation since the start of his career. Throughout his career Kujtim applied his expertise across major global telecoms such as Juniper, Cisco, Tellabs and ATT, contributing to the architecture of the industry. Prior to 3CIS, Kujtim worked as the Executive Director of Technology at Tellabs. In this role he was in charge of the architectural design and technology in major global telecoms on behalf of Tellabs. At the present he is the main driving force behind the success and the growth of 3CIS that continues to provide exceptional services to its clients.