Leadership and Board

Fitim Haziri

Chief Financial Officer

Fitim’s contribution to 3CIS has ensured the company stays effective and efficient in financial management. As the Chief Financial Officer, he oversees all accounting work and sets up internal and external audits to ensure the accuracy of information and monitoring of all financial activities of the organization. He’s been a part of 3CIS for over 12 years now.

Before joining 3CIS, Fitim contributed to the public and private sector where he held a position as “Head of Sector for Strategy and Development for Energy” in the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. He also managed the financial activities of many private companies in Kosovo.

Since 2019, Fitim has earned the title of “Certified External Auditor” from the Institute for Accounting, Auditing and Finance which is a professional association, nonprofit and independent legal entity that operates in legal subjectivity of the Republic of Kosovo.