Case Study : Software Development

Increasing Company Efficiency Through App Development

Increasing Company Efficiency Through App Development


We found that communication internally within our various company units was not as coordinated as it should be. This in turn was minimizing the daily capabilities of our engineers. A lack of communication increased the potential of problems such as; a lower number of migrations, a heightened mistake frequency, and drawn-out daily tasks.


In order to eliminate the potential of the problems above, 3CIS developed a web app consisting of a VueJS single-page application, a Laravel Restful API, and MySQL database. It utilized all Laravel features such as, queues, jobs, notifications, and much more.
The goal of this application was to give all of our employees access to an open organized platform, specific to 3CIS, where they could better update and organize various project needs throughout the day.


After developing this application, the effects were seen immediately and it has eased the daily requirements of all employees. No time was wasted on repetitive tasks, the number of emails sent throughout the day has dropped significantly, responsibilities have been distributed in an equal manner, number of port migrations have increased significantly, and different reports have been generated with just one click. Thus, the application has proven to be very efficient by giving the employees space to deal with better and higher-priority tasks.