Managed Services Case Study

Case Study

One of our partners was delivering a bespoke solutions for one of their global satellite communications provider clients. The solution provided was an end-to-end platform that enables the client delivery of their next generation of satellite broadband communication services. The platform was composed of a distributed solutions hosted in redundant datacenters and a core network expanded throughout the globe.


Given the extent of the distributed solution, our partner anticipated delay in delivering contracted features. The delay was presented due to differences in the progress of delivering services particular to a feature in different components in the distributed solution. Even though the parts of the feature were delivered in parts of the solution, our partner couldn’t fulfill its contractual obligation to deliver fully working features on time.


3CIS delivered a team of highly qualified engineers in different technologies, that were engaged in service management process. The services provided from 3CIS were delivered 24/7. In collaboration directly with the client, it has been agreed that 3CIS team will handle all manual work required, to provision services that were not delivered via the automated portal as a feature. The manual work comprised of preparation of XML/JSON documents, consummation of different RESTFull APIs exposed from the components of the distributed solution, manual creation of resources and ensuring consistency of data between components and troubleshooting different issues.


Leveraging 3CIS teams, our partner was able to arrange an agreement with the client in delivering features manually and enabled flexibility in prioritizing critical features. Furthermore, the client was able to provision services in timely manner for their customers and utilize such services to increase revenue and through this engagement, decrease time to market.