Case Study : Port Migration

100% Efficient Port Migration Project Execution Case Study

Problem Statement

This case study focuses on the solutions 3CIS provided for a major ISP client in the US. The main challenge was the backlog of commercial customer migrations sitting in their queue. Our client had an urgency to migrate ports from multi-vendor legacy network equipment to the next generation systems.

Due to conflicting priorities within the client’s organization, they were constrained to complete the migrations in a timely fashion.


Utilizing a per port consumption model, we were able to support our client with technology expertise, qualitative methodologies, and best practices to help achieve both the short and long-term goals.

The team supported the end-to-end process, starting from project inception and going through all pre-migration, migration and decommission processes.


After years of upholding the program for network modernization, 3CIS was able to deliver outstanding results for the client. Before the project start, clients’ proficiency was migration of 35 ports per month.

With our team stepping in, we managed to migrate up to 2,800 ports per month, an increase of 7,900% compared to what they were able to deliver with their own resources.

In addition, this enabled them OPEX savings and allowed for the full decommission of older equipment, thus resulting in savings of HVAC and support contracts; Client’s network engineers were relieved from these tasks and were able to focus on higher value work.