Prospective Employees

To become an asset to 3CIS, employees must be significant team players and possess key leadership qualities such as accountability and dependability. We aim to inspire our employees to become better leaders as this will result in success for our customers.

We provide constant training to evolve and remain up to date with unceasing developments and innovations within the telecommunications industry, and to sustain our standards and high-level engineering expertise in next generation technologies. It is a necessity that every member of our team is reliable as we provide network support 24/7, and accordingly our employees must remain flexible with their working hours and availability.



“My advice to prospective employees would be the following: help us help our clients, and by doing so, you help ensure the success of the company. If you manage to do that – your success at 3CIS will be guaranteed.”


“I have worked long hours, day in–day out, to gain the knowledge and experience I have today… But it wouldn’t have been possible without unwavering dedication and sheer desire to learn new technologies.”


” A project manager is the essential communication tool and hence has a key role here at 3CIS. We must ensure our customer and engineers can rely on us 24/7”