Company Overview

Our mission is to propel global carriers forward by providing innovative network support
3CIS provides highly specialized services to major telecommunication carriers and solution providers across the globe. Our advanced services solutions include:

•    Pre-sales Solution Development
•    Multi-Vendor Interoperability Testing
•    Network Architecture
•    High/Low Level Design
•    Delivery Planning
•    Program/Project Management
•    Installation/Implementation Management
•    Integration and Commissioning
•    Traffic Migration Planning and Execution
•    Network operations
•    Solution Monitoring and Performance Management
•    Day Two Network/Solution Support Services

3CIS provides on-site and remote services to optimize productivity and guarantee a cost effective delivery program.  Our approach to delivery optimization includes a Center of Excellence strategically placed in southeast Europe (Pristina, Kosovo).  This location was chosen due to logistical and strategic advantages when providing support to Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and the United states, including:

•  Highly educated technical and professional work force with English literacy
•  Operating hours that are 6-9 hours ahead of US time zones providing fresh resources for off-hour work in US
•  Attractive near-shore solution for EMEA
•  Center can be seamlessly blended with 3CIS resources who work directly within Customer locations globally providing a highly scalable and cost effective delivery structure

Future of 3CIS

In our fast-paced industry, it’s difficult to pinpoint where 3CIS will be in the future.  That being said, there are five key elements of our plan that we can say for certain will remain within our guiding principals:

1. We will evolve together, in partnership, with our clients and always focus on improving our operations.
2. We will provide quality as a fundamental requirement within the services we deliver.
3. We will not shy away from global competition.  We will embrace the challenges presented to us and remain relentless in proving our value above others.
4. We will continually invest in our staff’s education and leadership skills to remain on the cutting edge of technology and embrace the latest innovations in service delivery.
5. We will deliver as promised, always

Founded on: 2008
Current Technical Focus Areas:
•    IP Aggregation
•    Mobile Backhaul
•    Mobile Packet Core
•    Evolved Packet Core
•    Transport
•    IP Core / IP-NGN
•    SP Wi-Fi, Enterprise Wi-Fi
•    Data Center / Cloud